Watch Now!


Thanks so much to the people who helped us pick a name for the ezine. After some fierce voting, the ezine’s new name is: eJuggle.

Congrats to our winners of the contest. Steven Ragatz suggested the name that won and he’ll get an IJA membership and DVD set. David M Shilman suggested the name that got second place in the voting so he’ll get an IJA membership. We may use some of the other suggestions for article/column names, too. Thanks to all the contributors!!

You can now access the eJuggle at How cool is that?

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Scott Seltzer has been very active in the IJA and the juggling world for a long time. He co-founded the IJDb, is a member of the JISCON, is on the team of IJC, and is involved in other acronyms with I's and J's in them. Scott is a semi-professional performer and lives in Israel with his lovely wife and 4 children.