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Winners – Video Tutorial Contest 2014


Hey jugglers!  It’s time to award some prizes!

This year, the Video Tutorial Contest had 22 entries from 6 countries (watch the full playlist).  Though a relatively sparse field, this year’s entries were all particularly strong.  The judges had quite a hard time determining the winners.

A huge thank-you to all of our judges, to the vendors who donated several thousand dollars’ worth of juggling equipment (prize breakdowns at the bottom of the article!), and, of course, to the jugglers who participated this year.

To date, the Tutorial Contest has helped produce 239 juggling tutorial videos over the course of 5 years.  You can see them all over on the IJA’s YouTube channel.  

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Congratulations again, and see you next year!


Director, IJA Video Tutorial Contest




1. Michael Moore – Slap Chop

Biz – This video hit all the elements with a doable trick with good progression, funny presentation, and a good breakdown of steps. Plus cameos!

Nico – Good move to be a twosome for a tutorial, fun way of presenting things with the tv shopping parody (which I didn’t get at first), smiles, Not enough written texts/subtitles, but a very enjoyable entry.

Tony – Michael’s was one of the most fun, good instruction. Maybe did not indicate the difficulty level well enough.

Mark – So, I could totally see this video winning. Solid effort from the production team. Sweet concept, great filming, super funny and celebrity cameos. This video was the blockbuster of the comp. Killer video, I loved it.

2. Vasil Magaranov – Full reverse behind the head

Nico – Cool music, clear texts (I like the comics style), good length, nice editing, not best location or costume but fits the cool atmosphere, different angles, replays. Very good one :)!

Mark – This was the one for me. A super solid trick that Ive been thinking about learning for ages. The trick really well broken down and in an easy to follow format. I loved the editing and the comic pop ups. But most of all it had my dying to grab my clubs and in some serious time in the lab.

Raphael – The technique of throwing was very well demonstrated and broken down.  The editing here is clear and really helps comprehension.  A sequence demonstrating the two different techniques of throwing – perhaps showing them side by side – would help.  More neutral music would help viewers concentrate.

3. Pieter-Jan Van den Branden – 3 Chest Roll Tricks

Biz – Relatively simple movements pay off big in this clearly laid out trick progression. Probably the most widely accessible video of the bunch.

Nico – Nice tricks, clear location, good length, not too many steps, good tips. Would have been nice to have subtitles as reading english sometimes easier than just listening to it.

Mark – Simple is cool. I like this video because it gave me an insight to someone else’s style. I don’t really do any of those tricks but I can see a bizzillion possibilities of where this kind of juggling could go.

Raphael – A novel technique well explained with nice editing!  Simple and effective.

4. Lucas Gardezani Abduch – Simplifying Juggling

Nico – Great editing and internet tools (links in the video) as usual with Lucas, chilled atmosphere, can reach all type of audience, great location, subtitles… All it needs for a great online tutorial to spread the juggling to more people!

Mark – This is a cool video. I watched without subs and feel like I understood everything that was going down. Love the ghetto chicken element, thats definitely something all the other videos lacked.

Raphael – The technique was well explained and super well edited.  The variations came in a very clear and natural progression, too.

5. Marcos Hernandez Chest Balance Tutorial

Biz – High prereqs make this barrier to entry to this pattern a tough one. Marcos demystifies it in an admirable way for those who are ready.

Nico – Clear location, clear speaking, clear trick, HD. Nice and simple. Subtitles would have been useful.

Mark – This video was like a apple help video for sick juggling. It was cool to watch, straight to the point and really helpful. If I had a juggling shop I’d be playing this on the TV there.

Raphael – This explanation was really well done – especially for a tutorial!  The technique was well explained so you can reach a solid level.

6. Andrew Olson – The Shapeshifter

Biz – Another incredibly deep tutorial. Few will brave it, but those who do will have learned something heavy and burly.

Mark – I really enjoyed this tutorial. Its not a move Ive really looked at before. I can definitely see how it would be a helpful ingredient to have in your juggle kitchen. Loved the voiceover, Loved the titles. Cool vid.

Raphael – A very interesting technique!  Andrew explains the technique perfectly with his step-by-step editing and explanations. This video is a real gift to jugglers of every level 🙂

7. Lucas Gardezani Abduch – LEGO Concept with Clubs

Biz – Amusing video with high production value, an innovative trick concept and some solid paths forward for variations.

Nico – Like the first one: great editing and internet tools (links in the video). Democratizing juggling for a maximum of people is what Lucas is able to do.

Tony – Fun, clear illustration of technique and application

Raphael – This video explained the basics quite well.  The clever variations made it lose some pedagogic value, perhaps.

8. Brianne Crabtree – Hat Juggling Rolls

Nico –  Fun touch and smiles. Clear speaking and accessible tricks. The world need more juggling ladies!

Raphael – On-point explanations, given with some nice vibes.  This video is really easy to understand for beginners and offers tricks that follow a nice progression.


9. Irie Gilbert – 423 with Shoulder Pads

Biz – Deceptively simple video that breaks down the exact steps with no filler time and an amusing presentation. One I would watch a bunch of times without having to skip around.

Mark – This tutorial is a diamond in the rough. Its a super sweet trick explained well. I rated this one over other videos that had better production because of the strength of the actual tutorial. I started working on this as soon as I watched it.

10. Rob Henman – 4 Kendama Eiffel Towers

Nico – Nice to do the parallel with other disciplines (yoyo, diabolo). Good integration of in-video links. Useful angle with the POV. A bit too long.

Tony – I like the kendama video options. Very well done, but not blown away by the context as it was presented.

Raphael – I’m no expert in kendama, but this guy’s instruction seemed on point!  The variations he proposed really helped this video along, and the editing was also strong.  Having a more neutral background would really help clear things up, though.

-Honorable Mentions-

The Kansas City Juggling Club – “Hey, Pass me a Club!”

Mark – There must be something in the water up there in Kansas because these guys look like they’re having a ball (with clubs). This is an awesome video that makes me think of summer juggling fun with friends. I loved all the formations and all the editing. I love 8bit video game music so the soundtrack was a winner for me. It was a little light on the actual tutorial side of things but definitely worth a watch.

Raphael – Funny, but this video didn’t really put much value on passing technique…


Geoff Marsh – Three Hat Tricks that will Bake your Noodle

Biz – Good breakdown of the different steps. Especially like the progression of the 4 hat trick.

Tony – Good instruction a bit long, did not give indication of the how difficult the last trick is.

Raphael – These sequences are really well explained!  The location gives the video a really warm and friendly feel, too.  Perhaps some advice on body position and finger-placement would have made the tricks more accessible to beginners?

Dawn Monette – How to Clean your Balls

Mark – Alright, this is perhaps the most comprehensive video of anything Ive ever bothered to finish. After it was done I was like “woot?”. This made my top ten because of how many times she said the word balls. (I counted and she said ball or balls 82 times).

Raphael – A nice idea for a tutorial- one that’s useful for many jugglers.  Her technique for cleaning was well captured and explained.  Very nice!


Stephen Meschke -Bridging the Gap – N-N+ 1

Mark – This is cool. I like how its a tutorial on getting better. You can apply these ideas to any trick which is brilliant. Better training leads to better juggling. Im going to add some of these ideas to my trainings and Im pretty sure its going to lead to results.

Raphael – Very clean technique, well laid-out.  This video is methodical and gives us some interesting tips.  The only advice I have is: have more fun!  That’d up the quality of the video, I think.




1st Place:
Michael Moore

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– IJA Festival Package
– Play Pro K Kendama
– Neon Husky $75 gift certificate
– Flying Clipper 7 – 2.45″ Ultra Soft Hybrid juggle balls with logo pouch
– Play – 5x Silver Vegas
– 5x Saturn ring
– 5x bounce
– Mayhem Yoyo

2nd Place: Vasil Magaranov

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– IJA Festival Package
– Norwik – 10x Russians
– Play – 3x Sirius Fluo
– 5x classic ring
– Komodo Kendama
– Flipside Yoyo
– Flowtoys Composite swinging club set

3rd Place: Pieter-Jan Van den Branden

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– Brontosaurus Balls 7x russians
– 1x 130mm stage
– Venom Kendama
– Pro-Z Yoyo

4th Place: Lucas Gardezani Abduch

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– Brontosaurus Balls 5x Russians
– Venom Kendama
– Vendetta Yoyo
– Roadrunner Footbag

5th Place: Marcos Hernandez

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– 5x silx light
– Vendetta Yoyo
– Spider Footbag

6th Place: Andrew Olson

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– 5x hybrid silx
– Raptor Yoyo
– Spider Footbag

7th Place: Lucas Gardezani Abduch

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– 5x srx
– Yoyo Expert $25 certificate
– juggling club necklace

8th Place: Brianne Crabtree

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– Brasil Balls 5x balls
– Yoyo Expert $25 certificate
– Little Wooden Club zipper pull

9th Place: Irie Gilbert

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– 5x mmx plus
– Little Wooden Club zipper pull

10th Place: Rob Henman

– Professional Membership – American Circus Educators Association
– IJA Membership
– IJA Shirt
– 5x mmx
– Duncan Combo Juggling Set





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