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Luke Davies

  • Luke Davies Profile

    Mar 28, 2017 No Comments

    In this interview Shawn from Everyday Juggler spends some time talking to Luke about his proficient numbers juggling and how he made his recent transition from balls to clubs. Luke is pushing the limits of juggling and is an inspiration to many. Tune in to hear a bit about club balancing, the diffic...

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  • IJA Tricks of the Month March 2017 Scotland by: Luke Davies

    Feb 26, 2017 No Comments

    Luke Davies juggling the Px4 clubs he got from Video shot in Edinburgh, Scotland. Luke has been juggling for 10 years now, starting at age 10. Some of his favourite achievements include 22 throws of 11 balls, 8 club flash, 9 ball qualify with a club balance and a hfdb97531 to...

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