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  • David Cain, Part Two on the “Drop Everything” podcast with host Dan Holzman

    May 22, 2014 No Comments

    Second half of the “Drop Everything podcast” #1 with juggler David Cain. David talks about his work as a juggler and his five favorite historical jugglers. Also on itunes: Click here for part one.

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  • Life is Looking Up for Mark Angelo!

    Oct 16, 2013 No Comments

    On September 11, 2012 Mark Angelo Peachock became a Guiness World Record holder by spit juggling two ping pong balls 212 consecutive times breaking the previous record of 186. That along with a recent appearance on the David Letterman Show plus a busy performance schedule means that life is looking ...

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  • 10 Questions With Delaney Bayles

    Sep 20, 2013 No Comments

         When I walked into the gym at the IJA Festival this past July, my twin brother ran up to me and immediately said, “You’ve got to come see the stuff that this teenaged girl is doing.  She’s amazing!” He was referring to Delaney Bayles. While I didn’t get a chan...

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  • Kyle Driggs, Individuals Champion: from Local Philly Phenom to the International Stage

    Sep 04, 2013 No Comments

    The winning act in the 2013 IJA Individuals Championships looked foreign: New Age music; ethereal, plain background; slow, perfect choreography, and for props, only rings and an umbrella. But the winner was 22-year-old Philadelphia local boy Kyle Driggs, a product of the juggling hotbed that the Cit...

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  • William Everhart – The Father of Hoop Rolling and Hoop Juggling

    Jun 29, 2013 No Comments

      As the IJA prepares to bring its festival to the state of Ohio, we look back on an Ohio native who single handedly invented a form of juggling well over a hundred years ago that is still being performed today. William Everhart was born in 1868 in Columbus, Ohio (USA). At the height of his care...

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  • Steven Ragatz Interview

    Feb 12, 2013 2 Comments

      At this year’s IJA Festival, Steven Ragatz will be presenting a special Act Creation Workshop on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1oam to 12:30pm. The cost is $100. Your juggling act should be more than merely a collection of tricks executed in sequence. This workshop explores the ...

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  • Jeff Civillico, Juggling Headliner in Las Vegas and what we can learn from him…

    Sep 15, 2012 No Comments

    Jeff Civillico, Juggling Headliner in Las Vegas And what we can learn from him… Juggler Jeff Civillico (29 years old) didn’t stop after winning his gold medal 14 years ago in the International Jugglers’ Association’s Junior Championships. There has never been a juggler in Las Vegas who was a...

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  • Robert Nelson aka “The Butterfly Man”

    Sep 13, 2012 No Comments

    I first saw Robert perform in a dark corner of San Francisco’s Pier 39 in 1979, just after it had opened. There was no stage, no lights, few tourists – with an audience of about six drunks held at bay by a torch juggler. My film partner, Kim Hoeg, and I were amazed at how well he handled the no...

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  • Varieté in Germany

    Feb 24, 2012 No Comments

    Last Saturday I had the opportunity to see the latest offering at Varieté et cetera in Bochum, Germany. The current show features world-class acrobats, contortionists and a guy with a cube, but for my money, two performers stood out among the rest. One of them, happily, is the bounce juggler Abbdi....

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  • The Other Side of the Juggler – Charles Peachock

    Feb 07, 2012 No Comments

    Drumming About Charles: Charles started juggling at the age of 13 and has been performing for almost 20 years. He became a professional juggler right out of high school. Along with his brother, he won an IJA gold medal in the 1997 teams competition. As a competitor on ‘America’s Got Tal...

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  • The Other Side of the Juggler – Owen Morse

    Jan 07, 2012 No Comments

    Hang Gliding   About Owen Morse: Owen Morse began performing in high school, and was hired by Disneyland while in college. He met his future partner Jon Wee in 1986, at the IJA’s convention in San Jose, California. They teamed up to compete in the IJA Teams Championships in 1988. The d...

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  • If Abbott & Costello Were Jugglers: Smirk!

    Jan 06, 2012 No Comments

        Smirk is the award-winning (IJA Team Silver Medal 2011 & 2009) juggling team of Reid Belstock and Warren Hammond.  Warren and Reid live in Colorado and recently did this interview via Skype with Ted Baumhauer in December 2011.  If you haven’t seen them ...

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  • Anthony Gatto Interview on Practicing

    Jan 03, 2012 2 Comments

    NOTE: While most articles on eJuggle are free to the public, this exclusive article is for IJA members only. If you're a member, log in on the side to read the full article. If you're not a member, read about the benefits of IJA membership in the About menu at the top of the page and join ...

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  • Dutch Juggler Michiel Hesseling… Still Going Strong!

    Jan 01, 2012 No Comments

    As this is the inaugural of the latest publication of the International Jugglers’ Association, it’s a prime opportunity to revisit some of the great jugglers that have been featured in the past by the IJA. The Dutch juggler Michiel Hesseling was featured approximately a quarter century a...

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  • Philippe Petite’s ‘Wireless!’

    Jan 01, 2012 1 Comment

    Philippe Petite performed his new and developing stage show, ‘Wireless!’ for three sold out performances in New York’s historic Abrons theater. An added show and standing ovations has provided the encouragement the artist needed to continue the performance, promotion, and perfectio...

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